Gender Specific Treatment

Gender-Specific 3-Step Treatment in Georgia

Canaan Valley Farm is one of few residential treatment facilities offering gender-specific programs. Tucked away from the chaos of life, we provide a serene location where young men ages 15-25 embark upon the challenging but redeeming work of addiction recovery.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) notes that there are significant differences between men and women regarding substance choice and how the brain responds. Studies also indicate that women and men have differing reasons for relapse and different addiction risk factors. Our gender-specific model offers unique treatment distinctions that address these issues.

Advantages of Gender-Specific Treatment

  • Gender-specific treatment minimizes sexual tension and distractions between male and female clients.
  • CVF’s single-gender program allows our staff to deal sensitively with gender-unique physiological, emotional, and relational issues.
  • Single-gender therapy takes into account differing family roles and external social and professional pressures.
  • During Cannan Valley Farm’s gender-specific therapy sessions, clients feel supported and empowered by their same-sex peers.
  • Bonding behaviors tend to be stronger in gender-sensitive groups since clients are more likely to share personal information.

Residential Inpatient Center for Young Men in Georgia

Providing life-changing care to those suffering from alcoholism and drug addictive disorders, Cannan Valley Farm integrates sleeping quarters, the treatment center, and all recovery-related facilities into one locale. Using a variety of modalities supporting mind, body, and spirit healing, we welcome young men to this beautiful 184-acre treatment setting in the heart of the Smoky Mountains.

To learn more about our gender-specific, 3-Step recovery program—or to speak with an admissions advisor now, call (800) 943-1677 or contact us online. Cannan Valley Farm serves young men ages 15-25 who are medically and psychiatrically able to participate in our proven recovery program.