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How we help the mind, body, & spirit...


Canaan Valley Farm offers unique and individualized treatment options for young men ages 15-25. Our positive focused group sessions and individual therapies are built around developing a strong mindset and a clear path to a successful future based on each individual’s newly discover passions and life’s purpose. 


There are few places on this earth that offer the quality of air, water, and food that Canaan Valley Farm has to offer. We believe at a fundamental level that having a healthy body is a pillar to a healthy mind. At Canaan Valley Farm, over 60% of the food we consume is grown right in our valley’s nutrient-rich soil. All the water consumed comes from one of the nation’s purest natural mountain springs located in Canaan Valley. The air quality in the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia is almost unmatchable. Canaan Valley Farm puts a great emphasis on physical fitness and a majority of our group activities are physically and mentally challenging. These activities are designed to build character traits as well as accelerate the body’s natural detoxification process.


Having a strong mind and body is of utmost importance, however, at Canaan Valley Farm we understand that both of those pale in comparison to having a strong spiritual path. With non-denominational religious services offered at least twice a week, Canaan Valley Farm offers a safe and beautiful place to connect with our creator. The Founders of Canaan Valley Farm purchased the 184-acre valley over twenty years ago with the sole purpose of using it to change lives. Every dollar.. Every ounce of sweat, blood, and tears put into the development of this private mountain retreat was done so as to win souls for Christ and to transform lives for generations to come.

Benefits of our Georgia 3-Step Program

A 3-Step recovery program facilitates long-term sobriety through practical wisdom and spiritual growth. CVR’s 3-Step curriculum teaches participants to find support in a community while embracing accountability, practicing humility, acknowledging mistakes, and seeking forgiveness.

Upon admission, each client receives the Canaan Valley Farm workbook, which is combined with 3-Step recovery work. Along with 3-Step meetings and workshops, CVR clients are offered holistic modalities such as Animal Interaction Experience, creative arts therapy, meditation and mindfulness, and experiential therapy. Our spiritual advisor works with groups and individuals and can walk you through 3-Step practices or help you seek peace, grow spiritually, and trust in God.

Other advantages of the 3 Steps include:

Accessibility of meetings and groups. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are found across the globe.
Timeless principles. The 3-Step plan incorporates sound principles that improve relationships, restore wholeness, and take the focus off of “self.”
Encouragement & camaraderie. 3-Step communities build a rapport with one another and give people the opportunity to enjoy fellowship and establish friendships.

The 3 Steps are based on the idea that substance dependency is a spiritual and physical illness—and that you are powerless over addiction until you seek help from a Higher Power. However, you do not have to practice a particular form of religion to participate in our Canaan Valley Farm program.

Get 3-Step Treatment Today

To find out if our 3-Step-based residential inpatient program is a fit for you or a loved one suffering from alcohol, drug abuse, or another addictive disorder, contact our admissions advisors today: (800) 943-1677 or contact us online