Cannan Valley Farm Testimonials

I have spent the last ninety days up here at Canaan Valley Farm. I am being discharged tomorrow. I would like to thank you for the opportunity at sobriety. Before I found myself here I was living on the streets in Los Angeles, California. I was physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually bankrupt. I had no where to go and was drinking my breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only thing that I knew for sure is, it wouldn’t be long before I checked out. I have been drinking for more than half of my life starting at the age of 13. I am now 25. I had reached the point that when I stopped drinking I got very physically sick and had to be hospitalized for DT’s more than once. Even though I would be sober coming out of the hospital I didn’t know what it took for me to quit. Without a spiritual foundation I was lost and sobriety was not an option. Since being up here I have found my higher power. I have found a freedom I have never known before. The chains of alcohol have been broken and today I have a choice. I would like to express my deepest gratitude and thanks to all who have made this possible. Just so you know you have saved at least one broken life.
– Tony V.
This place has taught me to be me and love me and that’s something that I never thought possible.
-Steven P.
Because of your generosity, people like me who had hit such a bottom they were almost ready to give up on life entirely and felt so low and disgusted with them selves and ashamed of who they were and what they had done can now hold their heads high and look at their lives and see more than misery and despair. Thank you for helping save my life.
– Omar T.