Cannan Valley Farm Location Photos

Surrounded on three sides by the pristine Chattahoochee National Forest, just two hours North of Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, you will find the incredible views of a lush green valley surrounded by the private enclave of the Appalachian Mountains and the home of Canaan Valley Farm. This 180-acre private mountain sanctuary is known as the, “Valley above the clouds.”

With over a mile of trophy trout streams, spring-fed bass and bluegill ponds, over 100 organic apple trees, and one of the purest natural mountain spring water sources in North America this private mountain refuge is the perfect setting for our clients to implement the three “R’s” of recovery; Refocus, Realign, and Renew.

The Smoky Mountains in Georgia help to create the ultimate atmosphere and serene healing environment, for substance abuse addiction treatment to occur. Clients find our recreational addiction treatment rehab to be most beneficial in the mountains, and on the surrounding lakes.