What to Expect

What to Expect at Cannan Valley Farm

Upon going through our initial interview process and being accepted into our program, clients will have flights scheduled from the closest regional airport to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  Should a client need detoxification services, those services may be provided by a facility referred to you within your local community by Canaan Valley Farm. Through medical detox, clients will be medically relieved from their addictive substances. This process is the vital first step and key to allowing the clients to be comfortable during the therapeutic portion of the recovery. Each client’s protocol will be set by detox facility licensed medical staff and continually monitored and adjusted by Doctors and Psychiatrists. The medications used will be reduced each day and each client’s progress will be monitored until medical staff clears the client for release to Canaan Valley Farm for a PERSPECTIVE changing wellness program. During this initial detox period, Canaan Valley Farm staff will be working with family members and client to organize the transportation of the client to Canaan Valley Farm in beautiful Suches, GA.

Arrangements will be made for the client to be picked up at their gate in Atlanta. Clients are then transported by staff to the beautiful Canaan Valley located in the foothills of North Georgia. Surrounded on three sides by the pristine Chattahoochee National Forest, just 90 minutes North of Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, you will find the incredible views of a lush green valley surrounded by the private enclave of the Appalachian Mountains and the home of Canaan Valley Farm. With over a mile of trophy trout streams, spring-fed bass and bluegill ponds, over 100 organic apple trees, and one of the purest natural mountain spring water sources in North America this private mountain refuge is the perfect setting to REFOCUS, REALIGN, and RENEW in order to create a clear path to a successful future. Clients will complete a program that involves both group and private therapy sessions. Clients will also be involved in once-in-a-lifetime activities that are sure to offer PERSPECTIVE changes within themselves. Opportunities for philanthropy work are offered and Canaan Valley Farm works closely with non-profit and mission groups throughout Georgia. These activities, group sessions, private sessions, day trips, goal planning, aftercare planning, and family and loved ones’ support sessions are vital to true recovery. This program is unlike any other in the World and offers the best chances for recovery for anyone battling substance abuse or mental health issues.

During Canaan Valley Farm’s entire program, all meals, activities, housing, transportation, etc are covered within the all-inclusive packages offered. There will be no additional fees or charges. Fees quoted by our admissions staff are based on the projected length of stay.

After completion of their program, clients will be escorted by staff through the beautiful countryside back to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and assisted in boarding their flight back home or to the long-term sober living facility as planned according to their program guide. Continual support for clients and families is offered through Canaan Valley Farm.